A7 Industries Defense and Aerospace Kinetix-FR and HDX-FR Tactical Gloves

A7 Industries Defense and Aerospace Kinetix-FR and HDX-FR Tactical Gloves

A7 Industries Defense and Aerospace Kinetix-FR and HDX-FR Tactical Gloves


George Holt IV of Holt Tactical Solutions

About 2 days ago I received both pairs of A7 Industries gloves to try out and to give my honest opinion of them. Here we go...

Fit- I was impressed with the fit. The term “fits like a glove” is exactly what I said when A7 CEO Kerry Harris-Amakosi asked me how do they fit? In buying tactical gloves I look for a snug fit that doesn't restrict movement and allows you to feel what your touching, these gloves do it all and even allows you to grab your phone and touch the screen without any slowdown in functionality.

Comfort- You can tell A7 used quality materials and master craftsmanship in designing these gloves to set them apart as far as tactical gloves go because they are flawless and comfortable. There wasn't a single lose string or misplaced part on this glove. The ergonomics are amazing and fit exactly where they are supposed to fit.

Grip- The grip is comprised of Amara with nylon grip and impact foam which makes it slip proof and almost impossible to drop anything unless your trying to drop it.

Ease of movement- As I went in and out of pouches, pockets, bags, pulled the trigger, reloaded both pistol and rifle magazines as well as loading shotgun shells it wasn't a burden. I didn't have to make any adjustments to my normal movements and that is paramount in tactical gloves, they are supposed to be a 2nd skin not a snow mitten and these gloves are indeed a 2nd skin.

Protection and Materials- A7 used top made of Nomex with a flame and heat resistant fabric and bio flex armor which protects your fingers and knuckles this is military grade protection on gloves made available to civilians.

Honestly this glove was made for active operators. Between the fit, Ease of movement and protection this glove out classes other gloves in it's category and makes it less of a piece of equipment and more of an extension of your body. Which it should be. A7 Defense and Aerospace put a lot of R&D into these gloves and it shows with the quality of materials and the placement of protection. Not too much not too little they got this combination Just right.


These gloves will soon be available at HoltTacticalSolutions.com

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