A7 RANGER Eyewear

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The A7 RANGER glasses offer extreme style, comfort, and performance. The Ranger glasses are extremely lightweight weighing a mere 1.2 ounces with frames made of virtually unbreakable TR-90 and contain absolutely no metal in them.  The lenses feature A7’s proprietary lens technology that combines a polarized lens with a high definition lens resulting in ultra-clear, distortion-free optical clarity. The arms are thin (2.9mm) yet strong so that they are comfortable when wearing hearing protection and do not cause pressure on the temples or on the tops of the ears especially when wearing caps.
  • Weighs 1.2 ounces
  • Frames constructed of 100% TR-90 with no metal
  • Thin yet strong arms that are compatible with hearing protection and do not cause pressure points.
  • A proprietary lens technology that combines polarization with high definition
  • Designed to be worn for extended periods of time with or without hearing protection
  • Fixed and ridged nosepiece that keeps the glasses in place even during rapid movement
Lens Options:
  • BLACK ICE ™ mirrored polarized
  • SUN DEVIL ™ orange mirrored polarized
  • DRAGON FIRE ™ red mirrored polarized
  • BLUE STEEL(TM) blue mirrored polarized
  • DEFCON 3 ™ ultra-high-definition lens technology that enhances optical clarity and definition especially in low light conditions