Handgun Classes

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All Classes are held at 8201 East 23rd St., Kansas City, MO 64129 1st cave on the left arriving 15-30 minutes before class is preferred to get set up and get the most out of your instructional period.

The HTS Handgun Series introduces shooters to the art of modern handgun defense.  This progressive four-part course focuses on personal safety, marksmanship, firearm manipulation, tactics, communication, and mental preparation.  Instruction in the defensive use of the handgun will be oriented toward street use by law enforcement personnel and home defense.  Students will learn how to engage assailant targets while under stress, in varying light conditions, on the move, and from different non-conventional shooting platforms.  This is a reality-based training course designed to develop the student into a combat marksman, not a target shooter.

We guarantee the end result of your participation in our program will not only increase your confidence and competency levels while handling your firearm but will also enhance your chances of survival during a deadly encounter.

The HTS Handgun Series is a progressive program offered in six blocks of instruction, starting with the basic fundamentals of handgun marksmanship, which is offered in the HTS Handgun Series I course.  The series progressively advances to the more complex combat marksmanship skills of surgical shooting, moving, and communicating which are taught throughout the HTS Handgun Series.  Each of these courses can be taken individually, or combined into a multiple day course package based on student interest and enrollment.

In addition, HTS offers the entire Handgun Series to Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilians, in a group setting or private sessions for the discreet student.


What to Bring – Pistol Classes

1.   Training holster – Nylon, Kydex or leather

2.   Magazine Carriers – Either on your belt or plate carrier if you prefer

3.   Pistol Magazines – 3 minimum

4.   Pistol Ammunition – 100 rounds Minimum

Required Health and Safety Equipment

  • Eye protection.
  • Hearing protection (Electronic hearing protection is highly recommended).
  • Some way to hydrate yourself. (Camelbak, water bottles, etc.).
  • Jeans, BDUs, or canvas type pants are recommended.
  • Appropriate socks, footwear, headwear, and clothing appropriate for conditions we may encounter. (Including rain and snow.)
  • Bring a pair of gloves as we may frequently move targets, and for range clean up.
  • No sandals, tank tops or other sleeveless shirts permitted on the range.

Highly Recommended General Items

  • Cleaning and maintenance supplies for pistol maintenance
  • Pen and notebook.

If you have any questions about the classes, want to schedule a private or group class or need help acquiring gear email us at Gholt@holttacticalsolutions.com