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The Ripper X Fit is an ultra-high strength weight vest with that features the latest in high-performance materials utilizing Centurion. This laminate composite material allows the Ripper Fit to be more durable than any other weight vest made of other inferior materials. The hydrophobic Ripper Fit will not absorb sweat or water and is easily cleaned with water. The two top-loading zippered weight pockets are padded on the back side for the safety and comfort of the user. The Ripper Fit is laser cut for precision and the minimalist design gives the user an exceptional range of motion. The unisex fit is fully adjustable and will accept plate sizes up 12.25" X 10.5".

1. Made in the USA
2. Fully adjustable for all body types
3. Unisex fit
4. Abrasion and flame resistant, biologically inert
5. Drag handle that supports up to 1000 lbs.
6. Hydrophobic materials (will not absorb water)
7. Extreme low profile design
8. High-performance, situation ready materials 
9. Loop for ID Tags and Patches
10. Padded plate pockets and shoulder pads
11. Zippered top loading plate pockets


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